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Bedford House Dental PracticeBedford House Dental Practice
3.2 Stars - Based on User Reviews
The Irish TurtleThe Irish Turtle

I spent the better part of a Monday morning trying to call this dentist, initially the calls wouldn't dial out, then it said they were closed, then busy, then when I finally managed to get a dial through spent 45 minutes waiting for someone to pick up to no avail, for a dentist RECOMMENDED by 111 as an emergency dentist this is beyond shocking, how hard is it to answer a phone? Absolutely shocking customer service.
If post saying you operate from 8am to 8pm make sure someone is bothered to answer the phones!


If you never thought you'd be able to have a nice experience at the dentist you need to get yourself down here. I had an extraction and two fillings done today and I couldn't have hoped for a better experience. All the staff were knowledgeable, calm and friendly. I hugged my dentist after we were done. Actually hugged her. It wasn't the anaesthetic either, but genuine gratitude for making something I really wasn't looking forward to as best as it could have been. Thank you!

george mangangeorge mangan

i went here for a check up as i had some discomfort

I decided to get a second opinion privately with another dentist as i had some pain my teeth felt very sensitive

I am so glad i did as am now having a course of treatment.

i was given the impression that my teeth were in not bad condition and my problem was maybe stress and that i may be grinding my teeth

i have indeed got an abscess and am now on antibiotics i also need at least 5 fillings to relieve the sensitivity issues and some further work.

I cannot recommend this practice as they misdiagnosed so much and i could have become quite ill as a result

oh and by the way i was advised to try a mouth guard @ £100.00 but this would not have helped my abscess i did not buy this thank goodness.

so please if you go here and you don not feel that things are right go elsewhere or better still steer clear

Jax BackhouseJax Backhouse

Made a call this morning for an emergency appointment and the receptionist could not of been more welcoming and helpful. Upon arriving I was greeted by the receptionist and dentist who were both very welcoming and helpful. Once in the room the dentist and his helper were both very helpful and made me feel so comfortable my nerves slowly vanished. I cannot fault the dentist one bit can't way to go back for my check up for more helpful advice.

M. AshourM. Ashour

My family registered with this practice in 2016, recently after they opened. They were absolutely amazing in every-way. As they grow their customer base and their business, their quality have deteriorated so badly. The normal now is a rude reception staff experience, careless and close to useless dentists, and you struggle to get an appointment. The worst thing that is almost always happening now, that they cancel your booked and confirmed appointments when it is close to date. Giving you endless excuses, like sorry the doctor will be on vacation, sorry the system gave you an appointment by mistake, or sorry we are overloaded. While actually accepting to take you if you are happy to pay the Urgent Appointment extra fee, we originally thought it is a coincidence, but as it happens several times with both our kids and my wife, we now think it is obviously intentional to get more money out of your pocket. Very disappointing.

Andrea ScammellAndrea Scammell

It would be useful if they answered the phone, I have been ringing on and off all day, just tried to call again, how can you cancel/amend an appointment if you can't get through. Treatment wise I'm reserving judgement until my next appointment (not by choice as the problem I went with originally 1 isn't resolved and 2 I have been left with another problem).

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Tracie SlaneyTracie Slaney

Money money money. No respect for patients

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Mariangela RussoMariangela Russo

Just been for an emergency appointment with my daughter. Outstanding care and treatment. We are very lucky to have you for emergency treatment. Thank you.

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Miroslaw GlowczykMiroslaw Glowczyk

I do not recommend the dentist Sheena, She is the worst dentist which i met In my life. Sorry

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Rosie QuinnRosie Quinn

Firstly, the dentist was nice, very informative and helpful. However the receptionist was the rudest person I have ever come across. Not only was she extremely rude to me, but she was so rude to the lady before me! The lady was confused about her appointment as she was just going in for a check up but the receptionist said that there is a £40 charge when the check up was only meant to be £20. So the lady was quite confused and said she wanted to double check that and the receptionist kept telling her to sit down in a rude manner, rolling her eyes and demanding her to move. It was then my turn and she did the same thing to me. I felt intimidated as it was my first time at the dentist and she made my experience very uncomfortable. I have also heard from multiple people that they have experienced the same sort of behaviour from her, but I thought I would give this dental surgery a chance! HOWEVER....If you can tolerate someone with minimum brain cells and an attitude of a 13 year old girl going through her first period then by all means go to this dental surgery, because as I said the dentist that examined mean was lovely.

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Emma YoungEmma Young

Wicked and nice and friendly and polite

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Joanna WojciechowskaJoanna Wojciechowska

Great stuff I been today ,really nice stuff 😉

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Michał BuzaMichał Buza

One of the best dental practice I have ever been.

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Adam GorniakAdam Gorniak

Best dental practice I had contact with in my life, and Sarah is the best.

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Rachel DianeRachel Diane

Nice dentist however had a temporary denture made terrible fit I know only temporary but won't be able to wear a lot. Staff behind desk some okay others completely unprofessional running in and out like a youth club. I was also accused of late cancellation of my appointment and it was them that cancelled on me! I can only hope that the service improves somewhat

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Adam James UrwinAdam James Urwin

I have been avoiding going to the dentist for several years but joined your service today to have an emergency filling on my front tooth. I couldn't be happier with outcome and the friendliness of your staff and it's safe to say I won't be as worried about visiting the dentist in future! Thanks 🙂

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Carlos LinnettCarlos Linnett

Well I have to say I am seriously impressed after my first visit. I hadn't been to the dentist in about fifteen years and so was a little apprehensive but was quickly made to feel very welcome and at ease. I was even complimented on my teeth! I received a brilliant hygiene clean and now my teeth feel and look amazing. Add to all this the opening times, 08:00-20:00, 7 days a week! I couldn't recommend this place any more. 10/10

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Keeley Jade FarrarKeeley Jade Farrar

So disappointed with this dentist. At my first appointment, I chose to have 2 white fillings costing me £160. I was over charged despite questioning the cost whilst still but was made to pay and then had to wait a long time for a cheque refund when they agreed I had been overcharged. Today, I returned to have one of the fillings corrected. The filling has been filled with a completely different shade of white to my tooth! I would be incredibly disappointed if I was having NHS work, but the fact I have paid for the sub-standard unacceptable. Would not recommend.

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Godwin DebattistaGodwin Debattista

This has to be one of a kind!! From the moment you walk in until you leave, the smiles say it all!! Very genuine dental practice with a fabulous service!! Thankyou all at Bedford House Dental :))

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Laura HarleyLaura Harley

Thankyou to all the staff! From the lovely receptionist on the desk to the lady dentists who tell you what they are doing. I have a massive phobia off dentist, however I felt at ease from start to finish, though I had to see them twice in three days. (This was not there fault) they will do anything to help.
Again Thankyou :0)

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MD JahangMD Jahang
Jase Sfc BourneJase Sfc Bourne
Maggie AshwellMaggie Ashwell
Inga BeardInga Beard